Abode at Glassell Park represents a cohesive vision, intermixing the past with the present, land with architecture, and architectural style rooted in historic precedence with current local and contemporary trends. 

The project will extend the existing hillside community from Sundown Drive to Haverhill Drive, Brilliant Drive to Haverhill Way, and Haverhill Way to Haverhill Drive, thereby completing 32 parcels previously approved within the subdivision/tract map no. 8943.   The new homes in Abode at Glassell Park are designed to step up or down within the landscape and to fit alternating lot sizes/proportions.  There are multiple floor plans with diverse architectural styles ranging from approximately 1860 sq. ft. to 2160 sq. ft. and including 3 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3 baths, and 2-car garages.  In addition to the standard plans, every floor plan has a set of alternative stories to optimize the use of available yard space provided by the grading at each unique lot.  Expansive great rooms are a common feature and serve to connect cooking, living, and dining functions to large outdoor decks or rear yards and surrounding views of Los Angeles.  The interiors will feature the latest in modern appliances, finishes, and fixtures including hardwood, ceramic tile, and/or polished concrete floors. Uphill homes even feature optional private elevators to make grocery day easier as well as meet the everyday needs of an active-adult and aging-in-place buyer.  Lastly, in the spirit of sustainable design all homes are to be built with solar-ready roofs, energy efficient windows and doors, and effective insulated building envelopes.  

The existing Glassell Park community is an amalgam of classic historic styles and new contemporary designs, including custom homes and builder homes of the past.  Abode at Glassell Park considers both the modern and contemporary trends apparent throughout the existing neighborhood and proposes elevation styles reminiscent of Irvin Gill’s California modern, contemporary Californian, and traditional.  The Irving Gill style favors flat roofs without eaves, casement windows with transoms, white or near-white exterior walls, cubic or rectangular massing, and ground level arches at the entry in the manor of classic California missions.  This style utilizes simplistic details and clean lines throughout.

The Contemporary style homes are similar in massing to the Irving Gill, but provide for deeper recesses and asymmetrical yet balanced placement of windows and doors.  The contemporary homes feature more complex details such as metal railings and awnings and casement windows combined with fixed glass panes.  It is also the most materialistic of all styles and is expressive through multiple materials and colors including ceramic tile, concrete block veneer, wood and stucco finish.

The traditional style homes differentiate themselves from the Contemporary and Irving Gill flat roof schemes and utilized large pitched roofs that mimic the slope of the hillside.  This also serves to reduce the overall massing of the homes as they appear to slope down with the hill.  This style utilizes stucco and wood look cement fiber siding maintaining a traditional appearance but with the longevity of durable materials.  It is further characterized by casement and sliding windows with grids, transom glass at the entry and extended eave overhangs with large modern kicker and outlooker braces.

Abode at Glassell Park is set on becoming a superb addition to the surrounding neighborhood by providing considerate site and street improvements, as well as, 32 new & unique homes for the distinguished buyer.    The homes of Abode at Glassell Park will be models of great design with classic styling and sophisticated details throughout.

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